Updates to Suddenly, Thousands: bug fixes

2015-01-13 18:00:01 by OmiyaGames

Thanks to the feedback, I was able to fix a few bugs in Suddenly, Thousands. They are:

  • Changed back the method to detect whether characters can be recruited or not. In a past update, the vertical distance was ignored, but it’s brought back in again after breaking level 11.
  • Fixed the magenta switches in level 11 and 12 not correctly opening the door upon the first trigger. In level 11, this could trap your character at the top of the level.
  • Fixed the recruitment radius projector from rotating with the camera.
  • Shifted the switch and the last obtainable character in level 5, making it difficult to recruit the character.


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2015-02-04 15:06:12

Oy, I just wanna respond to your response to my review of Secret Santa. That's cool that the "nothing here" is a way to keep you from getting stuck. But you can still get stuck! If you proceed into the level carrying the nothing, you can fall into the pit where you have to pick up "up," and you won't be able to.

OmiyaGames responds:

Ah, ha, ha! That's an awesome find, and you're absolutely right! Heh, I'll have to fix that soon!