#OneGameAMonth on hold

2015-03-28 18:46:45 by OmiyaGames

Hey, guys.  Apologize for the lack of update in the recent months.  Truth be told, it's been a difficult to sustain the regulary #OneGameAMonth challenge, both physically and financially, so we're trying something a little different.  We've started working on a more long-term project by remaking Not a Clone for the mobile.

So what does that mean?  There's going to be less games from us, at least until Not a Clone is done.  There is, however, Ludum Dare 32 coming up mid-April, so we may see another game from us, soon.

Thanks for your patience!


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2015-04-23 11:44:08

I tried sending you a private message. But you don't allow it. You're Star Driller game is so great. It's missing some stuff though. It needs bosses. And it would be a bit more challenging to use the mouse to steer and turning off auto targeting. The drill thing is extremely creative though. If you want I could make some kickbutt music and sounds for this if you want to team up. Whaddya say?

(Updated ) OmiyaGames responds:

Apologize for super-belated response. I strongly appreciate the support and compliments on Star Driller Ultra! I'm not a composer at all, so music and sound creation would be greatly appreciated.

That said, I am already working on a fairly big project right now. I won't unfortunately be able to get to Star Driller Ultra for a while...

Edit: Also, thanks for pointing out I had private messages off! Whoops.